Cruise Stripes 918Welcome to the world of vintage NRFB fashions!  99.9% of the fashions include an NRFB image and many have additional images to provide close-up detail.                    The name assigned to each fashion is what Mattel named it and as it appeared in the booklets.  This may cause a little confusion since some have had monikers attached to them over the years.  The items should appear, for the most part, in the order first shown in the fashion booklets, but a search bar is included for quick reference in the pink section above.  The name of the item (or first few letters), its number, or the first  year of issue will bring up possibilities. You can even type in “telephone” and every fashion or Pak set with a telephone in it will jump onto the list!  Click on the name of the item you want to view. (Clicking on individual pictures will enlarge them.  Clicking anywhere outside an enlarged picture will minimize it.) 

At the bottom of each page is a link to the previous or subsequent fashion.  On the pink tool bar above you may access Barbie, Ken and Skipper items by clicking on their names.  Travel Fashions & Little Theatre are also in one ‘chapter’, as is Gift Sets and can be accessed on the pink tool bar.

This website has been the culmination of hundreds of hours of research and determination. Its purpose is to educate, or remind, Barbie collectors which items are included in each boxed fashion or ‘pak’ set. (This precludes variations, for which Mattel is well known, although some variations are included in these pages.)  Note that Mattel referred to fashions in framed boxes as ‘Ensembles‘ and to those on cards as ‘Paks‘.                                                                                                                                                      Let me thank those who have let me use their pictures, most especially Igeana Gober (aka Cygnet Farm), who spent hours finding pictures and examples from her large collection and encouraged me to follow through and suggested this information be shared. She is  most gracious and an example to all of us.  Also I would like to thank Sarah Sink Eames for her inspiration to the world of Barbie collectors and how she has trail-blazed the way for so many books, articles, and information that have followed her first book, which was (amazingly) created without the internet as we now know it.

Some fashions haven’t yet been located NRFB and within that group it is possible that some of these weren’t produced, even though the artwork appeared in the booklets. If any of you have a better picture, a missing fashion, or a variation to share, please email me at tinatu@yahoo.com. I only ask that your picture is of an item never removed from the packaging and that it does not have a watermark other than your own.

Feel welcome to make copies of these pictures if you need to show someone what is in a fashion set.  (Do not include these in a web-site or on Pinterest.)  The watermarks are on the pictures so it can be seen that these pictures are being used to teach others about the fashions. If you don’t want a watermark on your pictures you can search the internet like I have. I have also spent many hours poring over the booklets and old Sears Christmas catalogs as well as issues of Barbie Bazaar and Miller’s Barbie Magazine.        I’ve tried to be careful and accurate, but everyone is capable of making mistakes and if you identify any, please let me know so corrections can be made.

Thanks!  —Tina